Dog Ticks Control Chembur

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Dog Ticks Control in Chembur

Dog Ticks Control Chembur

Pest Control Chembur Services provides reasonably priced professional Dog Tick Control Pest Control Service for Residential Customers in Chembur

Ticks are blood-sucking parasites found in grassy fields and scrubs. They latch on to dogs and infest your home. Tick Control Service from Pest Control Chembur will eliminate dog tick infestation from your home.

Getting rid of Dog Ticks from your home

There are many species of ticks varying in size and colors. Brown Dog Tick is the most common of all. These blood-sucking parasites are found in grassy fields and scrubs. Brown Dog Tick is the most common of all. They latch on to dogs and make their way to your home.

How will you identify that you have ticks at your home?

As a pet lover, you may have found ticks at your home or stuck on your pet’s body. Ticks are a blood-sucking arachnid (spider-like) parasite. They can be found throughout the year and can live for up to one-and-a-half-years without food. This makes them a year-round threat for you and your pets. Ticks prefer dogs as a host and so have another name, dog ticks. Some tick species can be found on bird feathers too. Ticks can be dangerous as they transmit diseases to pets and people.

If you find them on your pets when you closely inspect them, that is a primary sign of a tick infestation.

Secondary signs of a tick-infestation are symptoms of tick-transmitted diseases.

What can you do to prevent ticks at your home?

  • Always inspect your pets for ticks before they enter your home.
  • Make it a habit to vacuum and clean the inside of your home to remove ticks and their eggs and use tick-control products indoors and outdoors.
  • Ticks prefer tall grass and bush, so trim lawns and add gravel barriers around wooded areas..
  • Remove empty bird and rodent nests as ticks from those can hook up on animal fur.